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The 12 Fl. Oz. ShowDriving south…

So I'm getting ready to embark on a pretty big adventure. I got tired of leaving on all of these long, long art show trips and leaving my girls at home alone.

I bought myself an Airstream trailer and a bigger truck that can haul all of the artwork inside and I'm hitting the road.

So I leave for Florida, Alabama, Louisianna and Texas on Wedenesday. Needless to say – I'll have a substitute for the next two weeks. The Todd will be in next Monday. Todd Ranson, host of the Loblolly Pine Show on WDCE will bring his talents to the radio airwaves next week. The Todd abides.

The following week will have the lovely Anna Golden. You don't want to miss her always great version of the 12 Fl. Oz. Show.

Read more for the setlist as I build it…

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    March 7th, 2011

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