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Not A Word

Hi Folks!! 

   Ricky is away this week, soon to return.                         

Meanwhile: DJ-Dave proudly presents: a "Sing-Along Edition" of "Not A Word"    

Prefuse 73 ~ Storm Returns

Milosh ~ The City

Roy Harper ~ One of those days in England

The Zombies ~ Friends of Mine

Terry Reid ~ Loving Time

Caribou ~ Melody Day

Burial / Four-Tet / Thom Yorke ~ Mirror

Unknown ~ Driving with Linda Lovelace ~ ("Deep Throat" Motion-Picture Soundtrack)

Os Mutantes ~ Qualquer Bobage

Stereolab ~ Les Yper Sound

Thao ~ Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)

Lake ~ Blue Ocean Blue

Neil Young ~ Wonderin'

Finn Riggins ~ Wake

Velocity Girl ~ Rubble

Ethel Smith ~ Tico Tico

James Brown ~ If You Don't Give A Dogone About It

Dave The Dj


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    April 23rd, 2011

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