RCL: Fontaine plus The Diamond Center and Canary Oh Canary presents:

River City LimitsRCL: Fontaine plus The Diamond Center and Canary Oh Canary

Fontaine hosting the local band show this Saturday 5-7pmEDT along with special guests. Members of The Diamond Center and Canary Oh Canary will be stopping by in the first hour to talk about their gig tonight at Gallery 5.  And I think I get to debut TDC's new single, a few hours ahead of the record release party!  (Info on the gig here.)

The Diamond Center

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Rattlemouth – Lebanese Hillbilly  [playing today's Earth Day Festival]

Octane Saints – Malt Liquor & Wine  [playing @ "Degenerates Ink" movie screening May 6th]
Hamburger James – Red Dress
Venus Throw – Twelve Glass Soldiers
ROMA – Send My Love
Dirtball – Call Me Charity

The Trillions – I.C.C.B.  [playing LIVE next Friday & Sat. on WRIR!]

talk w/ Canary Oh Canary
Rah Brahs – No Future
Caves Caverns – Anonymous Jam  [Monday @ Strange Matter]
Lost Tribe – Forever  [Monday @ Strange Matter]

talk w/ Canary Oh Canary
hose.got.cable – Chevy Chase
Hex Machine – Blueprint to Madness  [June 4th @ Strange Matter]

talk w/ Kyle of The Diamond Center
The Diamond Center – Caraway  [radio debut!  Playing @ Gallery 5 tonight]
Nervous Ticks – Badlands  [Playing @ Gallery 5 tonight]
The Diamond Center – 20Twin  [radio debut!  Playing @ Gallery 5 tonight]

Marionette  – All You Need
Heks Orkest – Endless Scroll for Player Piano
La Mere Vipere – Titan Prism
Lorem Ipsum – Luck Has It

Cole Sullivan – Ode to Awareness
The Vacant Stairs – She Got
Bermuda Triangles – Riddles in the Sand  [next Tues. @ Strange Matter]
GWAR – Ham on the Bone  [Crackathon now postponed, maybe Sept. 3rd]

Brainflower – Maldoror



Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    April 23rd, 2011

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