WRIR = The Gold Standard For Community Radio (podcast available!) presents:

WRIR = The Gold Standard For Community Radio (podcast available!)


In the 6 years that WRIR has been on the air,it has established itself as the gold standard for community radio in the country.

Not only are we the largest and most successful LPFM in the country,when congress and the senate was deciding whether or not they wanted to expand the Prometheus Radio Project (the bill that allows for licencing LPFM radio stations across the country),WRIR was cited as a shining example of the bills success.

We certainly couldn't have done any of this without YOU and your support over the last 6 years!

This radio station belongs to YOU,the people of Richmond!

Please continue to show your support by donating whatever you can to keep this most worthy Richmond institution growing!

Call me directly in the studio and to make a donation and receive some great premiums to boot!


Plus,I'll be playing the interview I did with Pretty & Nice last week including some songs they recorded live in our studios!

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    May 1st, 2011

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