News/Talk Highlights for Friday, May 6 presents:

News/Talk Highlights for Friday, May 6


Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman 08:00  
The Rainbow Minute
(Locally produced for WRIR)
From Motorcycle Garage to
the Cover of Vogue
Studio 360
Open Source  with Will Snyder
(Locally produced for WRIR)
1. Virginia's redistricting plan
2. The region's bicycling culture
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Tell Me More with Michele Martin
Hidden Histories
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Wordy Birds with Liz Humes
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Jasmin Darznik, author
Zero Hour with Tim Bowring
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Polly Bowring, artist, mother 
Sound Opinions
 Beattles vs. Rolling Stones
Talk of the Nation
Are your gadgets spying on you?
The weird lives of viruses
— and much more…
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Free Speech Radio News 04:00  
The Progressive Radio Show 04:30  
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The Rainbow Minute (8:59, 12:29, 4:29)
Today:  "From Motorcycle Garage to the Cover of Vogue" – read byElaine Summerfield
Studio 360 (9:00)
Today:  “Studio 360's Tenth Anniversary”
Open Source  with Will Snyder  (10:00)
 Local News and information plus listeners can call-in to discuss and comment:  804-649-9737 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
 Today's Topics:
1. The recently approved Virginia redistricting plan — Guest:  Paul Brockwell, Marketing Director, VA Public Access Project
2. The culture of bicycling in the Richmond region — Guest: Champe Burnley, President, Virginia Bicycling Federation
Tell Me More (11:00)
Hidden Histories (11:01)
Wordy Birds with Liz Humes(12:00)
 Today:  Jasmine Darznik, author of "The Good Daughter
Zero Hour with Tim Bowring(12:30)
Today:  Polly Bowring, artist and Tim's mother
Sound Opinions (1:00)
Today:  Fund drive special:  Beattles vs. Rolling Stones
Talk of the Nation, Science Friday (2:00)
– Synth music pioneer, Thomas Dolby’s new EP
– Are your gadgets spying on you?
– A gravity probe proves that Einstein got it right
– When packing on pounds, location counts
– The weird lives of viruses
The Progressive Radio Show (4:30)
Today:   Susan Eisenberg, author of "We’ll Call You If We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction.

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    May 6th, 2011

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