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Here is a podcast of this program.
Thank you to everyone who listened and participated.

It's a very special edition of the Lotus Land Show this evening. In conjunction with the Anderson Gallery I have curated, if you will, a show that is inspired by the works within the current exhibition Knock Knock From the Collection of Paul and Sara Monroe. The show will be simulcast LIVE at a the Anderson Gallery during a happy hour event this evening. I'm very excited and honored to have been asked to do this.


* indicates Scavenger Hunt song.

Intro bed music – Outer Space – draw a door and knock twice ('86 mix edit)

Portformat – Knock Knock (feat. Bless1)
Over all exhibit

* Venus Hum – Beautiful Spain
Untitled – Eric Fischl

Ken Nordine – Yellow

* Throwing Muses – Bright Yellow Gun
Thirteen Shooters (Michael Carneal) by Robert Beck

Break >>> Yma Sumac – Tree of Life
You can exact on third of your life
by Jon Pylypchuk

* Señor Coconut and Hid Orchestra – Blue Eyes (Bolero)
Untitled by David Moreno

* The Protomen – Funeral for a Son
Wake Up by Bruce Wilhelm

* Orchestre National de Jazz – Black Dog
Kathryn by Sandra Scolnik

* Jim Lowe – Close the Door (They’re Coming in the Window)
The Open Window by Brian Calvin

Break >>> Strombe – Feed Her Proceedure
Equity by Evan Holloway

* Andre Williams – Looking Down at You Looking Up at Me
Attention’s Loop Pupil : Pose 2 by Elizabeth King

Ken Nordine – Crimson
clue for Burning Bag – Annie Laplin

* Ladytron – Burning Up
Burning Bag – Annie Laplin

* Black Strobe – Crave for Speed
Disgraced Skater by Jessica Hutchins

Break >>> Scary Valentine – Think and Sin
Mistakes by Jeni Spota

* Sparklehorse – Weird Sisters
Little Sisters by Kiki Smith

* Woven Hand – Whistling Girl
Flower Baby by Tony Oursler

* Massive Attack – Butterfly Caught
Drool by Chris Finley

Break >>>

The Dead Milkmen – Swordfish
Acapulco by Andrew Brehm

* Electric Six – I Buy the Drugs
Newspaper by Robert Gober

* Run DMC – My Adidas
Baumhouse by Thoralf Knobloch

Spinal Tap – Lick My Love Pump
Clue for Between the Chaplin and the Jester/Executioner by Matthew Ronay

* Louis Prima – Banana Split For My Baby
Between the Chaplin and the Jester/Executioner by Matthew Ronay

Break >>>

Ken Nordine – White
Whyte Painting by Theaster Gates

Loretta Lynn – Little Red Shoes
Untitled Shoe by Robert Gober

Calexico – Red Blooms
I never dreamed you leave in summer byJack Pierson

Black Tambourine – Black Car
All the way back from some kind of comfort by Jon Pylypchuk

Break >>> Ladytron – CMYK
I never dreamed you leave in summer byJack Pierson (detail)

Bowerbirds – In Our Talons
Susannah Martin by Barbarra Broughel

Thee Oh Sees – Ghost In The Trees
You can exact one third of your life
by Jon Pylypchuk

Break >>>

Malice – Captive of Light
Chair by Ann Messner

Michael Miracle


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    June 15th, 2011

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