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A Party Of OneParty of One: Shortest Night

Well, today was the longest day of the year, therefore tonight is the shortest night of the year.  So, we'd better be brief:  Short songs tonight! Nothing over two minutes!

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Asie Payton – Asie's Jam
Son House – Special Rider Blues
Lightnin Hopkins – Worried Blues
Billy Ward & the Dominoes – You Can't Keep a good man down
Big Joe Williams – You can stay out
Son House – Am I right or wrong?
Fats Domino – Whole Lotta Loving
Elvis Presley – When the Saints Go Marching In
Jerry Lee Lewis/Elvis Presley – Hello Josephine
The Trashmen – My Woodie
The Roaches – Someone with a heart
Morning Disaster – Urban 44
Los Monstruos – Hey Monstruo!
The Panics – No More
The Count Five – The Morning After
MC5 – Tutti Fruitti
The Beatles – Her Majesty
Paddling in the rushes – Nick Drake
Jonathan Richman – No Mas Por Fun
Kermit T. Frog – Yip Yip Yip
The Ramones – Judy is a Punk
Flat Duo Jets – Let Me Come In
Minutemen – The Punch Line
The Slickee Boys – Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight
The Kids – I feel Alright
The Replacements – Run it
The Beastie Boys -= Flute Loop
Run DMC – Son of Byford
They Might Be Giants – Shoehorn with Teeth
Bad Brains – The Regulator
Violent Femmes – Fat
The Germs – Lexicon Devil
The Smiths – Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Half Japanese – Fun Again
Detroit Cobras – The Real Thing
Jimi & Me – Party of One Theme
Adam & His Package – He Kissed Me
Elvis Costello – By Bloody Valentine
The Dead Milkmen – Big Lizard in my Back Yard
Ween – I Saw Gener Cryin' in his sleep
Cro-Mags – World Peace
DRI – I Don't Need Society
David Bowie – Segue
The Vaselines – Molly's Lips
Frank Black – What ever happened to Pong?
Cake – Arco Arena
Willie Nelson – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Nirvana – Mexican Seafood
The Pixies – Allison
The Amps – Mom's Drunk
Pearl Jam – Evil Little Goat
They Might Be Giants – Particle Man
RPG – Lose it
Juliana – Hatfield – White Trash
Mike Watt – Belly-Stabbed-Man
Portishead – Deep Water
Von Bondies – Going Down
Reigning Sound – Straight Shooter
Ben Folds – A Working Day
Frank Thomas – Try This at Home (Recorded Live at WRIR Studios)
MOrcheeba – Diggin' a watery grave
Violent Femmes – Two People
Cracker – I'm so glad she ain't never coming back
Upper East Side Big Band – Mean Mr. Mustard
Beastie Boys – Bobo on the Corner
The Evens – Until They're Clear
The Melvins – Adolescent Wet Dreams
Be Your Own Pet – Wildcat
50 Million – Hate Me Love You
Jeffrey Lewis – Heavy Heart
Ministry – Hybrid Moments
Muppets Closing Theme – Thanks For Listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    June 21st, 2011

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