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'Cornucopia: an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind'

That's it.

Vert: X, Gibby Haynes, brand new Piatcions, Eastern Magnetics, Religious Knives, Norvins, Extradition Order, The Method, Action Makes, your valis Pick of the Week with the Night Beats, plus we'll dig into the feel good record of the Summer by digging into Trip Inside This House Summer Solstice Vol. IV.

That's a bounty minus the mutiny. Put your feet up, wake up or drift off, one lump or two…Let's go to work.

 `~ mr. atavist

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If you enjoy the tracks off Trip Inside This House Summer Solstice Vol. IV, I urge you to point your compass here, and grab a copy free and clear. Well worth your time…I was thrilled to be asked to hop on board. Check it.

Your valis Pick of the Week is the Night Beats, 'sonic sprawl' from Texas

Todd Parker and the Witches has and EP out for timed with Summer Solstice Vol. IV; Temple of the Goddess plus some buffed up classic Tadpoles 'demos.'  You can check it here.

If anyone makes it to Trower, I want a full report.

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    June 23rd, 2011

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