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Tiny Raindropz                  Amazing Ghost

Ramblin Blues                  Blue Line Highway

Eye of The Needle            Cashmere Jungle Lords

Monsters                           The Diamond Center


Bees                                    Exebelle and The Rusted Calvacade

Bad Ideas and FriendshipSociety    Friendly Fire

Songs Inside                            Griefbirds

Nobody Waiting                       Hamburger James


DOI                                            ILAD

Lowdown Boogie                   Johnnie and the Lowdowns

Bimbo Song                              Kilamanjahro

Unfold Your Hands Like a Map    The Low Branches

It was Nice Meeting You          Marionette


The Day                                     No BS Brass Band

Afro Pik 1                                  Oregon Hill Funk All Stars

Sled Full of Swords               Punch You In The Face Big!


Misery                                       Quang  T

Dodging Seagulls in an '89 Grand Am     A Roman Holiday

The Belgian Congo               Snack Truck

Cntrl C-Cntrl V                       The Trillions


Dance of the Bird People     Ullalating Mummies   

Spur                             Bullets From Oz***  (by request)  

Black Valentine                        Venus Throw

Hold on To You            The Waking  Hours


Battle Rattle                 Rattlemouth          ***** (by request)


Jamaal                      Hotel X

Dead People are Dead           You Guys are Girls

The Birds Nest               Zac    Hryciak and the Jungle Beat    






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    June 25th, 2011

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