News/Talk Highlights for Friday, July 1 presents:

News/Talk Highlights for Friday, July 1



The Rainbow Minute
(Locally produced for WRIR)
The Flag Atop the Space Needle
Studio 360
Libya’s revolution soundtrack
— and more…
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Open Source with Will Snyder
(Locally produced for WRIR)
A discussion of  local issues
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Wordy Birds with Liz Humes
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Marcia Clark, author and former
OJ Simpson prosecutor
Zero Hour with Tim Bowring
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Sound Opinions
The best of 2011… so far
Talk of the Nation
Modernist cuisine;
Settling Mars
— and much more…
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The Rainbow Minute (8:59, 12:29, 4:29)
Today:  "The Flag Atop the Space Needle" – read by Pat Gershenoff
Studio 360 (9:00)
– Libya’s soundtrack to the revolution
– Vince Gilligan on “Breaking Bad
– The summer of the ukulele
– Jennifer Higdon, a serious composer with a populist appeal
The Normal Heart: The story of AIDS for a new generation
Open Source  with Will Snyder  (10:00)
Local News and information plus listeners can call-in to discuss and comment: 
804-649-9737  or email to:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  or tweet:  @rvaopensource
Today’s Topics:  …
1. New regulations related to Alcohol start today.  Guest: Curtis Coleburn, COO of the Virginia ABC
2. What was Virginia like around the Revolutionary War?  Guests: Dr. Harry Ward and Bill Welsh
Tell Me More (11:00)
Wordy Birds with Liz Humes (12:00)
Today:  Former OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark and her first foray into fiction, "Guilt By Association."
Zero Hour with Tim Bowring (12:30)
Sound Opinions (1:00)
Today:   Hosts Jim and Greg get a jump on their best-of lists by naming the Top Albums of 2011…So Far
Talk of the Nation, Science Friday (2:00)
– Modernist cuisine: high tech meets high art
– An ocean full of sex, drugs and sea slime
– Video pick: blowing bubble nets to catch fish
– Settling Mars: inevitable or impossible?
– America’s founding gardeners
Progressive Radio (4:30)
Today:    Frank Lopez, director of the environmental film "End: Civ."

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    July 1st, 2011

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