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Welcome to an all-70's show, it just feels right, right now.

Set 1

Brian Eno/Needles in the Camel's Eye/Here Come the Warm Jets/Virgin

Ducks Deluxe/Hearts on My Sleeve/Ducks Deluxe/Beat Goes On

Bruce Springsteen/Night/Born to Run/CBS

Roxy Music/Mother of Pearl/The Early Years/Caroline

Set 2

Pezband/Baby it's Cold Outside/Pezband/Passport

Sheephouse/Ladder/A Visit to the Spaceship Factory/Psychic Circle

Fleetwood Mac/Sands of Time/Future Games/Reprise

UFO/Natural Thing/No Heavy Petting/Beat Goes On

Electric Light Orch./Look at Me Now/No Answer/United Artists

Set 3

Blue Ash/Abracadabra/Poptopia/Rhino

Steve Miller/Going to Mexico/Number 5/Capitol

Sunchariot/Do You Wanna Know/A Visit to the Spaceship Factory/Psychic Circle

Talking Heads/Love >> Building on fire/Talking Heads '77Rhino

Tear Gas/Love Story/Tear Gas/Renaissance

Set 4

Sensational Alex Harvey Band/Hot City Symphony/The Impossible Dream/Vertigo

Beggars Opera/Sarabande/A Visit to the Spaceship Factory/Psychic Circle

Wishbone Ash/Sometime World/Argus/MCA

Set 5

Ronnie Hawkins/One More Night/Ronnie Hawkins/Cotillion

Television/Glory + Ain't That Nothin'/Adventure/Rhino

Ron Nagle/Party in L.A./Bad Rice/Warner Bros.

Durocs/We Go Good Together/Durocs/Capitol

Set 6

Cheap Trick/Come On, Come On + Clock Strikes 10/Cheap Trick/Epic



Buzzy Lawler


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    July 2nd, 2011

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