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Today's offering is comprised of tunes/pieces which clock in at over 6 minutes. Some prog is to be expected, of course, and we'll see what else.


After watching the recent movie "Mao's Last Dancer", which was excellent, I found out the director was Bruce Beresford (not revealed until the end). That made me re-visit Beresford's "Breaker Morant" (for about the dozenth time) from 1980, one of the handful of highly original Australian films made around that time. "Breaker" never loses its potency, it's a great work/piece.

Set 1

Caravan/Nothing at All/Waterloo Lilly/Deram

Les McCann & Eddie Harris/Compared to What/Swiss Movement/Atlantic

Set 2

Quatermass/Up on the Ground/Quatermass/Akarma

Keef Hartley Band/Tadpole/The Battle of Northwest 6/Deram

Set 3

Van der Graaf Generator/Lemmings/Pawn Hearts/Virgin

Atomic Rooster/7 Lonely Streets/Death Walks Behind You/Castle

Set 4

Larry Coryell/The Jam with Albert/Improvisations/Vanguard

Man/Never Say Nups to Nepalese/Back into the Future/Beat Goes On

Set 5

Glass Harp/Can You See Me/Glass Harp/Music Mill

Barclay James Harvest/Blue John's Blues/BJH & Other Short Stories/Sire

Buzzy Lawler


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    July 9th, 2011

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