Spring Cleaning (Better Late Than Never) presents:

Spring Cleaning (Better Late Than Never)

I was so busy laughing about 'getting drunk last night' I forgot to laugh about 'tea bag'

Tonight, I'm cleaning out my volunteer folder. It's going to be… interesting.

For the record, my (and Tommy Atrien's, of 'Dog Germs' on Tuesday nights) band is playing next Monday night, so I won't be here. Feel free to come check us out at Fallout in Shockoe Bottom, and then get your designated driver to take you home to the soothing sounds of whoever is subbing for me that night. The Facebook event page can be viewed by clicking here. If you were curious, we're Machine Chop Inc.

UPDATE: That was fun! I discovered that I'm mostly pretty damn good at guessing what might be a good follow-up to something else, based solely on song title and artist name. Go me! If you click here, you can download the podcast and experience the joy yourself. You can also click here, if you're Facebook-ey, to check out our Facebook page and maybe, if you are so inclined, LIKE us. 

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Josh Sturgill


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    July 11th, 2011

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