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Cause And EffectHeartbreaks and Earthquakes Brought to You by Cave In


Tonight from 7PM to 9PM on Cause & Effect all four members of Cave In have come together to create the ultimate 2 hour playlist that reflects all of their their influences as a band from their earliest years until now. The band has also been kind enough to suply us with great footnotes to many of the songs played tonight and then will be posted here as the night progresses.

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Thank you Stephen, Caleb, Adam, and J.R. for your help tonight. You guys never cease to amaze me.

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Isis "Maritime" – While we were getting lost in the world of "corporate Cave In" our friends were crafting one of their finest musical statements. Aaron Harris told J.R. how tricky it was playing the electronic drum kit on this track so smoothly, as deceivingly simple as it sounds.


Radiohead "Paranoid Android" – A great example of what happens when a band with killer pop songwriting chops throws caution to the wind. Arguably the modern Pink Floyd in their own right.


Portishead "Threads" – After 11 years of silence, Portishead resurfaces with an album that delivers everything and more that we could've hoped for.


Grinderman "Worm Tamer" – A world of sound unto it's own totally worth striving for. Nick Cave is a rare example of a contemporary artist who's been around the block countless times, yet carries himself with the step of a young man.


Metallica "Fight Fire With Fire" – Metal that seemed truly frightening at a young age. Highly impressionable stuff. Our Metallica medley on "Beyond Hypothermia" is bookended with the beginning and the end of this song.


Failure "Frogs" – When considering producers for our "Antenna" album, we thought of Ken Andrews, who agreed to meet at our LA rehearsal space. He arrived to find us with our gear set up, and within moments was greeted to a very loud version of "Magnified".


Enslaved "As Fire Swept Clean the Earth" – Some of the best heady, inventive and progressive heavy music of today. Saw them play Massachusetts and with Nordic enthusiasm they spoke very openly of their feelings for New England beer, Bruins, and clam chowder.


The Stranglers "Nice n' Sleazy" – Our old tour manager said this band was weird like us and that we should listen to them. So we did. And he was right.


Neurosis "The Doorway" – Towering sonics and visuals that raised the bar for heavy music to newer and greater heights. Opening some shows for Neurosis in 1999 stands as being a strong influence on the sound of "Jupiter". 

Bad Brains "Don't Need It" – Four black men in a sea of white punks who set the bar higher than most bands could ever dream to achieve. Cave In covered "I Luv I Jah" long before we truly understood the full scope of the Bad Brains legacy. 


Captain Beyond "River Of Fear" – It's like the drummer has a bag full of drum fills. He reaches in there and tosses out a different one every time. Cave In's first European tour was accompanied by this album playing on repeat in the splitter tape deck.


Pink Floyd "A Saucerful Of Secrets" (from Live At Pompeii 1972) – For many years, we've enjoyed a healthy obsession with this landmark document of a band in their creative prime. Nothing like watching a barefooted shirtless David Gilmore sitting in the dirt playing with electronic goodies.


Black Mountain "Stay Free" – 40+ years of Canadian rock and folk music accumulated here with tinges of Black Sabbath fronted by Grace Slick. Heavy influence on the Cave In song "Reanimation".  


Townes Van Zandt "Lungs" – "Seal the river at its mouth and take its water prisoner. Fill the skies with screams and cries and burn in fiery answers."


Neil Young "Dead Man theme" – Jim Jarmusch's film captures the underbelly of Wild Western folklore while Neil's guitar simulates the sound of train engines, eerie Native American spirits, and the outlaw lifestyle.


Giants Chair "Mother Brother Sister Lover" – The Kansas City sound of dissonant tumbleweeds spinning with punk urgency. Kid Kilowatt played a show with Giants Chair on their tour through Massachusetts, and guitarist/vocalist Scott Hobart was sporting hair permed by his mom.


Threadbare "Ignition" – We covered "Ignition" at our very first show, maybe because of how strongly we identified with Threadbare's music, but also because we didn't have enough of our own songs to fill an entire set.


Snapcase "Steps" – The soundtrack to many sing-along's in our hardcore youth. In the mid-to-late 90's Snapcase shows were usually a lot of fun without being overly violent. An early version of Cave In that went by the name "System3" would sometimes play "Looking Glass Self" at band practice, baggy clothes and all.


Earth Crisis "Forced March" – One of Cave In's first shows was opening for Earth Crisis. There's no denying their massive impact on the music and politics of hardcore. We borrowed part of this song for the ending of "Summit Fever".



Converge "Two Day Romance" – By now it's well documented how much we love this band. Local hardcore that helped shape the road for experimental heavy music. Some of the first live music we saw that made people feel truly maniacal. The kind of shows we had hoped to play with similar results.

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    July 28th, 2011

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