Midnight Soulstice: The Soul of Curtis Mayfield presents:

Midnight Soulstice: The Soul of Curtis Mayfield

The late Curtis Mayfield – without doubt one of the greatest talents in the history of Soul music. On tonight's Midnight Soulstice, DJ Pari (a passionate Mayfield fan and collector) will pay tribute to the man who has changed the course of popular music with his politically concious songwriting, falsetto voice and unique guitar playing. Tonight, we will focus on Mayfield's own work as a solo artist in the 1970s (we'll leave his 12-year stint with The Impressions for another show), bringing you a mixed selection of his most powerful songs, studio demos, album outtakes, rare live performances and interview clips in which Mayfield talks about his approach to song writing. For any fan of Curtis Mayfield – casual or die hard – this show is a definite keeper, so get your streamers and iPods ready. Click "Read more" for the playlist of tonight's show.

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    July 29th, 2011

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