Loca music here!  Get it while it’s hot! presents:

River City LimitsLoca music here!  Get it while it’s hot!

local music served up fresh!


Herschel Stratego is playing in the second hour! 

Brass Scene Kidz                          No BS Brass Band

Sharpen Your Knives                    And The Wiremen\

Tiny Raindrops                           Amazing Ghosts


Awaiting the Comforts of Bittersweet Memory     Rattlemouth

Near Miss                                    Moruza

Rebirth of a Nation                    Gills and Wings

I Am Not A Rock                        Nick Coward and the Last Battle


Get Off                                           Black Girls

Found                                            The Sort

Money Magic                               Dirty Banners

On Fields                                     Dan Fields  and Fight the Big Bull  


You Could Go                               The Atkinsons

Sleepover Party                            The Hot Seats

What's It Gonna Take                   Andy Vaughan and the Driveline

Gamma Nova                              Roma


Shake It                                             Herschel

Tall Handsome Man            

We're Gonna Get Married          

Going Steady                                     


Kentucky                                            ILAD

Grave Dreams                                  Boas

Loves Like Snow                                 Jim Ivins Band

Let My People Bugaloo                  Spanglish Fly

El Monte                                           Bio Ritmo


Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    August 6th, 2011

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