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Good Morning and Welcome to your day! Welcome to your Weekend!

As I drove in this morning, I could not help but notice the moon. Well,… Actually my son noticed it first; Tangerine Orange with a blood tone mixed in. It looked like it was just placed up there in the sky. Playing Peek-a-boo behind the tree tops, Grandmother was a pleasure to see.

Thank you to everyone for tuning in. Thank you to all the new visitors for encouraging me to continue posting my podcasts to radio4all.net. I try to post it within 24 hours, but can not always do that. So don’t lose hope. I will get it up there.

I want to say Thank you to Rob Murphy for sharing his way with us and discussing the benefits of going RAW foods in regards to health issues, especially diabetes.

Walk In Peace,

Tall Feathers

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1st Hour:

Mark Langenfeld – Lakota Sioux Prayer – Tomahawk Rec – Red Hawk Woman CD 2004

Nawang Khechog & R. Carlos Nakai – Zen Blues – Sounds True Rec – Music as Medicine CD 2004

Louie Gonnie – Ending of Another Day – Canyon Rec – Breathe Deep the Dusk Fall CD 2010

Garry Oker – Tribute – The Palace Studios – Ride CD

Mary Youngblood – Dance with the Wind – SilverWave Rec – Dance with the Wind CD 2006

Michael Bucher – For Chief Joseph – Blue Hills Rec – Believe CD 2009

Robin Guthrie – On Eagles Wings – Guthrie Prod – On Eagles Wings CD single

Brule – Vision Circle – Natural Visions – We The People CD

Kevin Locke – Grandfather Look at Me – Makoche Music – The Makoche Masters CD 2005

Joanne Shenandoah and Lawrence Laughing – Prophecy Song – Hearts of Space – Prophecy CD 1998

2nd Hour:

Aaron White and Anthony Wakeman – Grandmother’s Heart – Canyon Rec – Handprints of our People CD 2011

LeeAnn Brady – Track #7 A cappella Native American Church Song – Canyon Rec – In Jesus’ Name CD 2011

Leon Joseph Littlebird – Sacred Tree – Littlebird Music – Talking to the Ancestors CD 2006

R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, & Will Clipman – A Breath of Peace – Canyon Rec – Dancing into Silence CD 2009

Gentle Thunder – December Wind – http://www.youtube.com/user/TallFeathers?feature=mhee#p/f/11/wlx5ph7P5eE 2008

Michael Bucher – Seven – Blue Hills Rec – Seven CD 2006

Porcupine Singers – Song of Encouragement – Canyon Rec – Alowanpi Songs of Honoring CD 2011

Pipestone – Track #14 Grand Entry – Canyon Rec – Tribute to the Old Timers CD 2011

Mystic River – Missing The Badlands Singers – Studio 222 – In Loving Memory CD 2004

Tha Tribe – Foot Slide – Canyon Rec – Warriors in the Mist CD 2011

Cree Confederation – Retreat Song – Canyon Rec – Pakosiyimitan CD 2010

Robbie Roberson – Stomp Dance – Geffen Rec – Classic Masters CD

3rd Hour:

Jim Boyd Band – Inchelium – Thunderwolf Rec – http://www.youtube.com/user/TallFeathers?feature=mhee#p/f/14/79thTT3zQRU 2007

Gary Oker – Dream Unconscious Truth – The Palace Studio – Ride CD

Burning Sky – Native Funk – Canyon Rec – Voices Across the Canyon CD 1996

Jim Boyd – A Million Miles Away – http://www.youtube.com/user/TallFeathers?feature=mhee#p/f/13/2paCX8LDY3U  2008

Indigenous – Come on Home – Vanguard Rec – The Acoustic Sessions: A 10 Year Anniversary CD 2010

RedSun – Tribe – http://www.youtube.com/user/TallFeathers?feature=mhee#p/f/16/m44_J_Xb4Pc

Joanne Shenandoah – Riding Free – Hondo Mesa Rec – Bitter Tears Sacred Ground CD 2009

Corn-Bred – The Dam Song – self-produced – Mother Earth CD

Jana Mashonee – Solid Ground – Miss Molly Rec – New Moon Born CD 2009

LeeAnn Brady – Track #9 A cappella Native American Church Song – Canyon Rec – In Jesus’ Name CD 2011

Gabriel Ayala – Verano Portena – Canyon Rec – Remembrance CD 2010

Ulali – All My Relations – Wide Blue Sky – A Thousand Roads CD

Tall Feathers


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    August 12th, 2011

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