Fighting the Good Fight! presents:

Fighting the Good Fight!

What else would you fight the good fight with?

Argh. I got logged out and lost the set list. Sad face Josh is in full effect. I'll add back in the rest of the setlist when I get home and can listen to the podcast and figure out what all I played.

UPDATE: Okay, so I'm home and I'm working on that, now. I feel I should explain that the fight I was a'fighting was a downer of a mood that infected me all day. So the first hour or so is pretty down, to greater or lesser effect. It picks up significantly in the second half, I think. So there is something everyone. Hope you were liquored up for it; if not, then just go on n' download the podcast and roam through the full gamut of emotions with some booze RIGHT NOW.

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Josh Sturgill


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    August 15th, 2011

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