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Hey Listeners,

About three and a half years ago I attended my fiirst WRIR Music Committee meeting.  The station was looking to fill a few show slots and had solicited show proposals.  At the time I was looking to find a way to connect with the teemager in my home as it seemed like we were slowly drifting apart and having trouble finding common ground.  He had recently developed an interest in music and I thought a radio show that explored where our interests intersected and diverged.  While I thought we made a good pitch, we didn't get a show.  I did however start volunteering at the station and it wasn't long before I was a sub and eventually had my own show – The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit show.  The gist of the story is I sort of have Henry to thank for thsi show and my Haberdasher alter ego – thanks!

Anyway about a year after our initial show proposal, Anna Golden  suggested that there might be a home on another station in town for the Generation Gap show.  In March '09 Henry and I began co-hosting the show on a local college station.  There have been some great weeks and not so great weeks.  We've wanted to sleep in and there were weeks that the show created tension when it was upposed to be a good thing.  But for the most part it was a blast.  This weekend we hosted our last regualr episode of Generation Gap as Henry leaves Friday for college.

Saturday I played the songs that I felt represented our musical journey together and tonight it's his turn to do the same.  So join us tonight from 11 to 1 as Henry takes over the mic and we do Part 2 of the Generation Gap finale.  I've glanced at the set list (and we'll post it once we get started) but I can promise you there will be stops along the way at some of the important musical moments we've shared in the last 6 years that includes the Stones, Bruce, Phish, and the Dead in Charlottesville (the town he'll be caling home as of Friday) as well as Bonnaroo and the NOLA Jazz Fest.

This year my wife gave me a book for Father's Day called  – 101 Things to Do Before Your Kids Leave Home.  I looked at my wife and I said "it's a little late and what are you trying to make me feel like a failure".  I'm sure there are plenty of the 101 things that I've never done, but I did turn Henry on to lots of great music and I think I helped nurture his interest in lots of different kinds of music.  Music has been a huge part of my life.  It's connected me to people and places.  I think it will do the same for him and for the two of us it definitely helped close the generation gap!

Enjoy tonight's show.  I hope to have Henry back in the studio summers and breaks and I really hope he will pursue working at WTJU up in Charlottesville.  College stations all over the country are in desperate need of a shot in the arm and I think Henry can be part of a new radio revolution.  Good luck Henry!

The Haberdasher

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    August 15th, 2011

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