Salad Days 08-19-11 presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days 08-19-11

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minor threat/salad days/dischord

vikings/it's cool to rock/sftri

accelerators/ready set go/stardumb

copyrights/hard-wired/red scare

rational animals/guess what? (crunch)katorga works

strike anywhere/failed state/bridge nine


frank turner/dan's song/epitaph

dmz/mighty idy/sire

masshysteri/dom kan ite hora musiken/ny vag

ramones/gimme gimme shock treatment/sire

banquets/heads down, thumbs up/black numbers

powerchords/think im gonna…/single screen

lillingtons/all i hear is static/red scare


mixtapes/the real hotel california/animal style

nervebreakers/my girlfriend is a rock/wild child

riverboat gamblers/dissdissdisskisskisskiss/volcom

manchester orchestra/i've got friends/favorite gentleman


good luck/west wind ride/sr

dopamines/cincinnati harmony/paper + plastick

fresh coats/in a perfect world/sr

measure [sa]/cynical at best/no idea

something fierce/empty screens/dirtnap


mopes/my heart won't bleed for you/lookout!

suicidal tendencies/institutionalizes/frontier

wolves at bay/strangers in my basement/animal style

jetty boys/reflectors/rally

luther/this is like fight club/black numbers

two hand fools/not much of a drinker/sr

angelic upstarts/teenage warning/tko

animals/we've gotta get out of this place/mgm

campaign/old blues/sr

cloud nothings/nothings wrong/carpark


rezillos/destination venus/sire

direct hit!/in orbit/kind of like

noise by numbers/satellite number eight/jump start

broadcaster/allyour friends/sr

failures'union/my book/paper + plastick


f*cked up/queen of hearts/matador

grown ups/well water/doghouse


hostage calm/a mistrust earned/run for cover



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    August 19th, 2011

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