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Welcome to Your Saturday and Your Weekend,

This is another visit together and thank you for tuning into WRIR and InterTribal.

Today was another morning where I was paying attention to the cycle of the earth as I made my way to the station. Actually it started last night. I came out of a store around 8:30 p.m. and noticed the darkness. Wow, it seemed so much later. Grandfather continues his journey to the others considered south of us. Leaves have started to fall, colors change. I think this has more to do with the lack of rain versus the approach of autumn.

Let’s enjoy our time together, and thank you again for tuning in.

Walk in Peace,

Tall Feathers

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1st Hour:

Mark Langenfeld – Lakota Sioux Prayer – Tomahawk Rec – Red Hawk Woman CD 2004

Kelvin Mockingbird – Wind Child – Canyon Rec – Sacred Fire CD 2006

Aaron White & Anthony Wakeman – Spirit Dance – Canyon Rec – Handprints of Our People CD 2011

Lakota Thunder – Way of Life – Makoche Music – The Makoche Masters CD 2005

Cusco – Legend of the Redwoods – Higher Octave – Apurimac III CD

Leon Joseph Littlebird – Navajo Blues – Littlebird Prod – Talking to the Ancestors CD 2006

Brule – Dance of Life – The Soar Corp – the Collection CD 2004

Stuart Cardwell – Hail Stones – Steve Scheffler Prod – Spirit Dancer CD 2010

Keola Beamer & R. Carlos Nakai – E Manono – Canyon Rec – Our Beloved Land CD 2005

Joseph Fire Crow – Flight of Dreams – Earth Beat – Tribal Dreams CD 2001

Robin Clark-Guthrie – Here I Stand Prayer – Guthrie Prod – Journey Within CD 2005

2nd Hour:

Garry Oker – Rise – The Palace Studios – Ride CD

Tony Duncan, Darrin Yazzie, Jeremy Dancing Bull – Mountain Spirit – Canyon Rec – Estun-Bay From Where The Sun Rises CD 2010

R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, Will Clipman – Down to Earth – Canyon Rec – Dancing into Silence CD 2009

Robert Mirabal – The Dance – SilverWave Rec – Music From a Painted Cave CD 2001

Red Hawk – Legend of the Bull – Power Plant Studio – flight of the Hawk CD 2005

Little Wolf Band – Eagle Dream – Triloka Rec – Dream Song CD

Star Nayea with Primeaux & Mike – Mountain Song – SilverWave Rec – Sacred Ground CD 2005

Indigenous – Born in Time – Vanguard Rec – Chasing the Sun CD 2006

Garry Oker – Nasche – The Palace Studios – Ride CD

Annie Humphrey – Another Horse – Makoche Music – The Heron Smiled CD 2000

LeeAnn Brady – Track #7 A cappella Native American Church Songs – Canyon Rec – In Jesus’ Name CD 2011

3rd Hour:

Keith Secola and Wild Band of Indians – Millenium Cars – Akina Rec – Finger Monkey CD 1999

Bear Creek – Rush for Roll Call – Canyon Rec – Pow-Wow Songs Live at San Manuel CD 2010

Northern Cree – Rip It In – Canyon Rec – True Blue CD 2009

Pipestone – As The Rez Turns – Canyon Rec – As The Rez Turns CD 2010

Randy Wood – The Ditching Song – Canyon Rec – The Gift of Life CD 2010

Randall Paskemin – Kiddie Song – Canyon Rec – Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, I Love You CD 2010

Talibah Begay – Rodeo Cowgirl Song – Canyon Rec – Talibah Navajo Songs for Children CD 2010

Corn-Bred – Pluck It Up – Hondo Mesa Rec – Corn-Bred CD

Robbie Robertson – The Sound Is Fading – Geffen Rec – Classic Masters CD

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Little Wheel Spin and Spin – Appleseed Rec – Running for the Drum CD 2009

Gary Small and the Coyote Brothers – Buck Shot Betty – Hondo Mesa Rec – I Don’t Play by the Rules CD

Blue Stone Project – Moonlight Shadows – Canyon Rec – Blue Stone CD 2006

Ulali – All My Relations – Wide Blue Sky – A Thousand Roads CD

Tall Feathers


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    August 20th, 2011

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