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Hey Listeners,

I recently finished Patti Smith's memoir, Just Kids.  It's a great read for fans of music, punk rock, NYC, poetry, Robert Mapplethorpe and all things bohemian.  I loved it and I especially loved the endless musical references.  I thought tonight, on the eve of the release of her new anthology / greatest hits – Outside Society – I would design a show around the musical references from the book and the music of Patti Smith.  It's my interpretation of what the soundtrack of the book might sound like.

Whether you like the "Godmother" of punk or not, tune in – I guarantee you'll like the show.  During the past two weeks I've listened to almost all of Patti's albums.  While I was familair with her more widely known tracks, I must say the deeper I dug the more I enjoyed.  I think you will too.

The Haberdasher

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    August 22nd, 2011

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