Salad Days 08-26-11 presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days 08-26-11

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minor threat/salad days/dischord

new creases/northeast pull/traffic street

campaign/old blues/sr

direct hit!/in orbit/kind of like

broadcaster/all your friends/sr

haverchucks/i won't try/sr


menzingers/rivalries/red scare

have nots/the brink/paper + plastick

hextalls/we're the castle crashers/rally

double negative/endless disappointment/sorry state


none more black/sinatra after dark/fat wreck

rvivr/change on me/rumbletowne

damned/love song/chiswick

joyce manor/famous friend/6131

f*cked up/dangerous fumes/deranged youth


avengers/the american in me/white noise

deep sleep/head spins/grave mistake

banner pilot/greenwood/fat wreck

dead to me/modern muse/fat wreck

motorhead/(we are) the road crew/mercury


be my doppelganger/pizza party at spinelli's/it's alive

sonics/boss hoss/etiquette

dr. feelgood/she does it right/ua

methadones/self destruct/paper + plastick

sidekicks/always the same/red scare

tim barry/ronnie song/suburban home

dickies/nights in white satin/a&m

richard hell & the voidoids/blank generation/sire



roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman

television/see no evil/elektra

big drill car/take away/cruz

rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant


smoking popes/writing a letter/asian man

eddie & the hotrods/teenage depression/island

saints/know your product/sire

johnny kidd & the pirates/shakin' all over/hmv pop


rome romeo/the heater/machette





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    August 26th, 2011

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