Now We Got The Juice!!!!! presents:

Hip-Hop For The Rest Of UsNow We Got The Juice!!!!!

Lots of music from VA tonight, after almost a week of no power we still got the juice!

Illah Ghee – Be The Gangsta/Single
Skillz – Regular Guy/Million Dollar Backpack
Canayda – Benches/EXCLUSIVE
Sleaze – Got Damn/Single
Luv Locs Tony Pyro Black Liquid – Say You Bout It/EXCLUSIVE
Tika Boo – Do Me Like Dat/EXCLUSIVE
Azrael Onassis – VA Aggin/EXCLUSIVE
RT – Death To All Faces/EXCLUSIVE

Deniro Farrar – Fresha Correct/Feel This
Clipse – Grindin/Lord Willin
Falmouf – Graveyard Shift/EXCLUSIVE
Official Freeze – Work It Out/EXCLUSIVE
CoolCoolKev – King Mickey/King Mickey
Suburban District – Girls Kiss Girls (Clean) (4:23)
Nickelus F – Chocolate Milk/Season Premiere HD
FSM – Trade It All In/FSMusik

Emphasys ft Kevs – No Competition/EXCLUSIVE
Jah – Jah-I-Witness – Soul Music/The Struggle The Love The Glory
Toxsick – Through The Galaxy/EXCLUSIVE
Photosynthesizers – Comet Comin/EP
Swerve – Swerve – Thanks But No Thanks/Thanks But No Thanks




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    September 3rd, 2011

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