Live on WRIR this month presents:

Live on WRIR this month

Live Date & Time


Host Show

Fri 16 Sep 5PM Gamelan Raga Kusuma Global A Go-Go
Sat 17 Sep 6AM YoughTaNund InterTribal
Sun 18 Sep 3PM Tim Harding Quartet The Other Black Music
Mon 19 Sep 7PM Mag Bats The 12 Fl. Oz Show
Tue 20 Sep 5PM Low Branches Wide Ear Folk
Wed 21 Sep 5PM League of Space Pirates The Lotus Land Show
Wed 21 Sep 7PM Deke Dickerson Activate!
Thu 22 Sep 9PM Snowy Owls Paul’s Boutique
Thu 22 Sep 11PM Sleeze This Modern Beat
Fri 23 Sep 5PM Bio Ritmo Global A Go-Go
Sat 24 Sep 1PM Photosynthesizers New Breakfast Snob
Sat 24 Sep 5PM Hex Machine River City Limts




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    September 6th, 2011

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