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Books are wonderful and deeply rewarding but the truth is most people don’t read -very often. They’re also expensive and time consuming. Wordy Birds is a program about books and ideas that airs every Friday at noon on WRIR. Host Liz Humes has read a book a week since February 2005, when the first version of Wordy Birds debuted on WRIR 97.3 FM.

The program brings to the airwaves both local and international best-selling authors. The only limitation in topics covered is that the interviews are done face to face. It’s not high-brow book radio, it’s a book show for people who don’t read, hosted by someone that does. In turn you get researched informed conversations that are informed, engaging and sometimes funny.  

My guest will be Rich Babbitt and his book, From Paperboy to Boomer: How lessons Learned from Paper Routes and Lawn Mowing Have Shaped 10 Skill Sets of Today's Leaders

http://boomersbook.biz/default.aspx – this is his website.

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    September 9th, 2011

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