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The Man In The Gray Flannel SuitStu’s Faves # 2 – Birthday Show

Hey Listeners,

I've got my wife Helen in the studio with me tonight for Stu's Faves # 2.  It would have been his 54th birthday at midnight during the show.  Stu had so muhc music that at roughly 30 tracks per show, it would take 4 years of weekly shows (probably more) to play a track from every CD in his collection.  Well Helen will be doing all the driving tonite.  Here is what she had to say about tonit'e show:

Tuesday, September 13th would be my brother Stuart's 54th birthday. After he died six months ago, I began listening to bits and pieces of the enormous and eclectic music collection he left behind. Tomorrow night (Monday) I'm doing another Radio Tribute Show in his memory – Stu's Faves #2 …

The Haberdasher

Hel and Stu circa '65

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    September 12th, 2011

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