River City Limits - Let’s Talk About LIVE AT WRIR VOLUME 1 presents:

River City LimitsRiver City Limits – Let’s Talk About LIVE AT WRIR VOLUME 1

We're in the midst of our Summer Fund Drive and are already off to an amazing start! The whole family is here today and we're going to talk about LIVE AT WRIR VOLUME 1: a live CD recorded in WRIR's Studio B, recorded and compiled by WRIR volunteers and produced by Richmond vendors – it's as local as you can get. 


We've got Kyle and Brandi from The Diamond Center and Catnip Dreams and Molly and Justin from Bio Ritmo and Fuzzy Baby coming up to talk about their tracks. We'll also have DJ (and executive producer of this collection) Paul G. in to talk about how this all came together. 


Tune in, call in, donate. Dinner will be provided by American Bistro – come and see us.

 The Blue Rajas – Pretty Baby

Lobo Marino – Animal Hands

Pink Razors – Geometric Park

Photosynthesizers – Astrobelts

Bio Ritmo – La Verdad


RPG – Lose It

Eternal Summers – Silver

The Sad Cobras – Bodycast


Ms. Proper – Friday Night (FROM LIVE AT WRIR VOLUME 1)

VCR – Really Something/Destroy

Nelly Kate – Minds + Corners


Canary Oh Canary – In The Paneled Basement

Trillions – ICCB

The Young Sinclairs – Future Man

Peace Beat – Unlike You


Pedals On Our Pirate Ships – The Ballad of Jonny Z

NO BS Brass – Kahn!

White Laces – Bastard's Dead


Catnip Dreams – Lion/Lamb

Fuzzy Baby – Sigh

Diamond Center – 20 Twin

The Hot Seats – Cheesy Beef Boogie



Snowy Owls – Yr Eyes

Tryannosaurus Awesome – Teenage Emotion

Dead Fame – We Can Run


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    September 17th, 2011

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