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We’re Always Open

Loyal listeners and followers, it's here. The 2011 Summer Fund drive is underway. We're counting on you over the next week to help us reach our goal of $35,000.00

It seems like a large amount? Well it's really not much at all. If you add up the value of WRIR personally and within the local community you'll eventually agree it's worth it.

Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week there are volunteers working hard. We are here to keep you not only informed but entertained. It's a little bit of indie freedom right here in Richmond. Located at 1621 W. Broad street. Our doors are always open to you. If the door is locked ring the bell and someone will answer. We're always here for you no matter what.

So we're asking a favor. Please remember while you're listening to think about the value WRIR brings to your life. For many people WRIR has changed their lives. Through volunteer efforts we've brought our community closer by employing the talents of many diverse volunteers from all over the Richmond area. We're changing the face of Richmond and building bridges that essentially create bonds that will strengthen our community.

Please become part of this strength. There are many way's you can donate. You can donate online (http://https://wrir.wufoo.com/forms/fund-drive-donation-wrirlp-973-fm/), you can visit us in person (1621 W. Broad St), or you can call 804-622-9747.

Please use one of those methods to help keep WRIR LP FM 97.3 on the air.



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    September 17th, 2011

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