Stop by Donate, Listen and EAT!!!! presents:

Stop by Donate, Listen and EAT!!!!

Calling or donating online isn't the only way to donate.  You can stop by and get your premium gifts right away.  You can also enjoy a meal with the volunteers of WRIR and maybe catch a live performance while watching from outside the on air studio window.

Performing Today September 18, 2011 between 3 and 5 pm will be the Tim Harding Quartet on The Other Black Music.

 Remember if you come by 1621 W. Broad St to make your donation you can also enjoy some of the wonderful food provided by some local restaurants and cafe's. 

 On the menu today 9/18/2011

 Today's LUnch will be provided by Ellwood Thompson

Today's Dinner will be provided by Tarrants

Yesterday we had a great spread from Ellwood Thompson, American Bistro, and Farm 2 Family.

We'd like to thank those that stopped by and ate with us after making donations. 

 Also remember as a listener and supporter you are helping to keep true Freedom alive on WRIR.



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    September 18th, 2011

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