And I Bring You… HERSCHEL! (and booze) presents:

And I Bring You… HERSCHEL! (and booze)

He always rolls hip-deep in chicks...

Hey guys! Fund drive time, so we have a guest. A very SPECIAL guest! It's Herschel Stratego (pictured above, center)! And his ukelele! And his awesomeness! So prepare for that. In the meantime, you'll…

… well, it's all over. Just realized I never finished that sentence. It was a total blast; lived up to my wildest expectations. And I got to be Susan Sarandon in a murder-pact (err… a pact to be murdered? I'm not really sure what you call that; it wasn't a SUICIDE pact). Sort of. Every time Herschel comes on the show, it gets better and better. 

If you missed it, you a.) did yourself a disservice, and b.) can remedy that by clicking here to download the episode from Radio4All. If you haven't done so already, Mother's Milk would be really grateful if you'd check out our Facebook page by clicking here and – if you like what you see – click the 'Like' button. Herschel Stratego's Facebook page can be found by clicking here

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    September 19th, 2011

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