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Allan just lead a session with a very cool band, Black Box Revalation – he'll be joining us shortly. For now, Bill and Allison are hosting…Allan will be joining us shortly and the show will be back in the New Breakfast Snob's hands.


Thanks for turning in.

Yellowfever – Newbie – Bermuda Triangle
Dara Puspita – Pinokio Pinnochio – Greatest Hits
Little Eva – Stand By Me – B-Sides
Au Pairs – It's Obvious – Album Stepping Out Of Line – The Anthology

XTC – Radio in Motion – White Music

No BS Brass Band-

Danny Kaye- Bloop Bleep

Iron Butterfly- IB Theme

Joan as Policewoman- Kiss The Specifics

Crack the Sky- Let Me Go Home

Funkadelic- Back In Our Minds

Cary Grace- Undertow

Monday Machines – Spinning Plates

Adriana Kaegi- When The Money Runs Out

Area 27- StereoFab

Bill Laswell- The Upright Man

NY Gong- Materialism

City Spotlights


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    September 24th, 2011

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