The Lotus Land Show - Caravan of Thieves LIVE today! presents:

The Lotus Land ShowThe Lotus Land Show – Caravan of Thieves LIVE today!

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Lorem Ipsum – 1993

Caravan of Thieves will be stopping by the Lotus Land Show today an in studio performance and a quick about a new live record about to be released.

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Michael Miracle

Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies
Senor Coconut and His Orch. – El Rey de las Galletas
Los Straitjackets – Kapt'n Krunch
Louis Prima – Closest to the Bone
The Versitile Four – Down Home Rag (Sweatman)
The Lounge-O-Leers – The Flagpole Stta (Harvey Danger)
Time Toy – Hi
Phrase – Spaceship
Bobby Kauo – Pledge of Allegiance
Dave Watkins – Holy Mackerel
Ttotals – Take Care of Me
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
GAM – Kant Keep Me In Check

Caravan of Thieves LIVE IN THE STUDIO
Caravan of Thieves – Eat You
Caravan of Thieves – Raise the Dead
Michael Brown – Sing A Song of Sewing
(BrownCo pick of the Week) – Ganglians – Sleep
MadMixMustang – Psycho Killer
Lassigue Bebdthaus – Angie (Rolling Stones)
Joy Division – Interzone
Wolf – The Bite
Accept – Fight It Back
Lorem Ipsum – 1993

Michael Miracle


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    October 12th, 2011

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