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Right On/ Cougars/ Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974
Luie Luie/ Los Explosivos/ Los Explosivos
Constelacion/ Los Destellos/ Constelacion  new world 2011~!!
Mojo Cool/ Atilla & The Huns/ The Big Itch Vol 6-Assorted Pathetic Saicos
That Song Is Driving Me Crazy/ Tom T. Hall/ Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2
Stairway To Heaven/ The Beatnix
Tell Me More/ The Tempters/ GS I love you too
The Beatles Are In Town/ The Fondettes/ Destroy That Boy

Shake And Scream/ The Kaisers/ Twist With The Kaisers
Shake Baby Shake/ Sodsai Chaengkij/ Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 1
Shake/ Otis Redding/ The Definitive Soul Collection
Baluba Shake/ Brunetta & The Balubas

Shake With Me/ The Puppets/ Joe Meek Freak Beat
Shake Your Tambourine/ Bobby Marchan
Do the Milkshake/ Oblivians/ Popular Favorites
Hear You Talking/ Beverley Jones (w/ The Prestons)/ Destroy That Boy
The Marvelettes/ My Baby Must Be A Magician/ The Marvelettes
Not To Write About Boys/ Supercute!
Shake it wild/ King Salami/ 14 Blazin Bangers
Billy Blue Blazes (Surf Sickness)/ The Milkstains/ Hot Sauce Cemetery new!!2011 local!
Marvin Gaye/ It's Party Time/ Marvin Gaye
Shake a Hand/ Ruth Brown
The Lively Ones/ Exodus/ The Lively Ones

Shake That Rat/ Los Straitjackets/ Sing Along With
Hippy Hippy Shake/ The Milkshakes/ 20 Rock And Roll Hits Of The 50s And 60s
Hip Shake Shimmy Kitten/ The Kaisers/
Reparata and the Delrons/ Weather Forecast/ Reparata and the Delrons
The Goodees / Condition Red/ The Goodies
Heigh-Ho/ Little Eva/ The Very Best Of
Senior Flavio/ Doctor/ Nueva Ola new!!2011
He Fought The Law/ She Trinity/ Destroy That Boy
Heroes and Villains/ Brian Wilson/ SMiLE
I'm Going Back To Indiana / Jackson 5
Shake/ Sam Cooke/ Cupid



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    October 18th, 2011

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