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Never take anything for granted and be happy for every moment you have.

Today you can be happy that we'll be bringing you a live , in-studio set by DC's Tereu Tereu!


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Thanks to Allison Apperson for sitting in the booth for me and to Nick Reuter for the studio assistance!

XTC – Stupidly Happy


The Cramps – No Club Lone Wolf

The Tammys – Egyptian Shumba

Bart Lewis – Frankenstein



Engineered by Allan Coberly , Assistant Engineering by Nick Rueter


Garbage – Special

Belly – Slow Dog

Goldfrapp- Shiny and Warm

Shawn Farley- Lakewater

Taxi To The Ocean- Bombshell

The Stranglers- Dead Los Angeles

Cranberries- Close To You

Violent Femmes- Country Death Song

The Fugs- Life Is Strange

Tubes- Telecide

Captain Beefheart- Kandy Korn

Atomic Rooster- Death Walks Behind You

Can- Paperhouse

Fruupp- Sheba's Song

Allan Coberly


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    October 29th, 2011

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