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The Lotus Land ShowThe Lotus Land Show – Stretch out and watch it come down

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Giant – The Shallow

Join me tonight for the Lotus Land Show as we stretch out a bit and take expensive journeys with songs of length. It's a great night for watching the rain from your favorite porch with a beverage of choice. 

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Michael Miracle

Deadbolt – Randrops Keep Falling on My Head
Brazzaville – Rainy Nights
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Happy When It Rains
Jack Drag – Raincoat
The White Birch – Purple Rain (Prince)
Warren Barker – Hawaiian Eye
Dysrhythmia – Lifted By Skin
Gravenhurst – Black Holes In the Sand
Senoir Coconut – Musica Moderna (Sambea Virtual)
Beck – The Horrible Fanfair/Landslide/Exoskeleton
(BrownCo pick of the Week) David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time
Jesus Lizard – Good Riddance
Mojo Nixon – Circus Mystery
Eartha Kitt – The Day the Circus Left Town
Dominic Frasca – Forced Entry
Hell – The Angst part 1 and 2
Giant – The Shallow

Michael Miracle


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    November 16th, 2011

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