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Friday, December 16, 2011
“Rob Halford’s Transformation" Read By: Josh Sturgill

The heavy metal band Judas Priest has been blasting the airwaves since the 1970s. With their 1990 album, “Painkiller,” the sound and look of the band changed.  Rob Halford himself had new tattoos and shaved his head for the first time. 
Taking the album on tour in 1991, Halford rode on to a stage in Toronto on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, dressed in leather biker gear.  Hitting a drum platform concealed by clouds of stage fog, he fell off his bike, careened off the stage and broke his nose. But Halford regained composure and performed the whole concert. 
Shortly thereafter, Halford left the band to focus on other music endeavors. 
In 1998, he revealed he was gay in an interview with MTV. For the most part, the heavy metal community didn’t freak.
Dan S


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    December 16th, 2011

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