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Welcome to a handful of my faves today, for 2 hours…but isn't that the way it always is on Shake Some Action? Yes, ever and anon, yes…

Set 1

Taste/What's Goin' On/Best of Taste/Polydor

Rory Gallagher/I'm Not Awake Yet/Deuce/Buddah

"/Back in Your Town/Live in Europe/Polydor

Set 2

Wishbone Ash/Blind Eye/Wishbone Ash/MCA

"/The Pilgrim/Pilgrimage/MCA

"/Blowin' Free/Argus/MCA

Set 3

Move/Fire Brigade/Movements/Westside

"/California Man + Do Ya/Great Moves/Capitol

Roy Wood/See My Baby Jive/See My Baby Jive/ENI

Idle Race/Morning Sunshine/Birthday Party/EMI

Set 4


"/It's Alright/Kinks/"

"/Powerman/Lola vs. Powerman & the Money-go-Round/"

Set 5

Fleetwood Mac/Rattlesnake Shake/Live @ The Boston Tea Party/Snapper

Set 6


"/Spanish Tide/Fearless/"

Set 7

Family/Save Some for Thee/Fearless/Eclectic

Buzzy Lawler


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    December 17th, 2011

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