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Thursday, December 22, 2011
“Jim and Dylan as Santa Claus" Read By: Phil Ford

On this Christmas Day, we remember the Santas of 2010, Jim and Dylan.  Together for three years and living in New York City’s Chelsea gayborhood, they became the center of Santa’s “North Pole.” 
Over 450 mysterious letters addressed to Santa Claus were being delivered to their West 22nd Street apartment, 7A.  Dylan said,  “If the letters are still here Christmas morning, I will feel incredibly guilty.”
So they got their friends to help reply to the letters.  “Grab one, it’s like a lottery,” Jim said.
They wondered, why our address?  Was it because Clement Clarke, who wrote “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” once lived in Chelsea?
Half the letters were fulfilled.  Dylan said,  “Jim and I are only two elves and we made a little dent.”
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    December 22nd, 2011

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