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InterTribalThe Beginning!

Greetings and welcome to your Weekend!

It is the First Show of InterTribal for 2012. We are getting it started right, new music, a special guest launching a CD and the continued training of Kalani Pioeh on the mic and board. Yeah!

(**) New Music from Gabriel Ayala.

(••) New Music from Spirit Winds – Debut of New CD, Half Moon Rising.

Thank you for tuning in and  joining us here on InterTribal.

Walk In Peace,

Tall Feathers

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1st Hour:


Mark LangenfeldLakota Sioux Prayer – Tomahawk Rec – Red Hawk Woman CD 2004

Arvel BirdHinhan Ska (Snowy Owl) – Singing Wolf Rec – Animal Totems CD 2002

Joy Harjo & Poetic JusticeCreation Story – SilverWave Rec – Native American Currents CD 1997

Quilt ManMorning’s Wings – EartBeat – Tribal Dreams CD 2001

Keola Beamer  and R. Carlos Nakai Ke Ao Nani (The Beautiful World) – Canyon Rec – Our Beloved Land CD 2005

Kelvin MockingbirdAwaken the Beauty Within – Canyon Rec – Sacred Fire 2006

Chief Frank NelsonTulalip Song – Kin Cain – In the Spirit of Our Ancestors CD 2001

CuscoGeronimo’s Laughter – High Octove – Apurimac III

Kyle Littlefeather Circle of Fire – Fuel 2000 Rec – Windsong CD

Lawrence LaughingI Wish You Peace – EarthBeat – Tribal Legends 2002

2nd Hour:


Robert Mirabal Things Are Different Now – Star Road Rec – In The Blood CD 2007

Mary YoungbloodSkipping Stones – EarthBeat – Tribal Waters CD 1998

Robert Tree Cody, Rob Wallace and Will ClipmanCanyon Spirits – Canyon Rec – White Buffalo CD 1996

**Gabriel AyalaEuropa.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) – Shades of Blue CD 2011

Kevin Yazzie Love – Canyon Rec – Love CD 2010

**Gabriel Ayala Shades of Blue.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) – Shades of Blue CD 2011

Michael BucherCedar Smoke or the Flame – Blue Hills Rec – Believe 2009

Dave WhiteWolf TrezakFamily – WhiteWolf – Medicine CD 2001

Flying Down Thunder & RisePath of Truth­ – Balanced Rec – One Nation CD 2011

AnaneahPath of Rainbow – Singing Wolf – Ananeah CD 2006

Radmilla CodyColors – Canyon Rec – Precious Friends CD 2006


3rd Hour


••Spirit Winds– Creek Dance – Half Moon Rising CD 2012

Clark TenakhongvaThe Beauty Way – Canyon Rec – Po’li CD 2007

••Spirit Winds Sacred Waters – Half Moon Rising CD 2012

••Spirit WindsMorning Prayer – Half Moon Rising CD 2012

Buffy Sainte-MarieNo No Keshagesh– Appleseed Rec – Running For The Drum CD 2009

Robbie RobertsonGolden Feather– Geffen – Classic Masters CD

Ulali  – All My Relations– Wide Blue Sky – A Thousand Roads CD 2005

Tall Feathers


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    January 7th, 2012

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