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Gail Moskowitz, LCSW | Mondays 1 – 1:30pm


Mental Health Matters is a weekly radio program hosted by Gail Moskowitz and dedicated to Mental Health, interpersonal relations, addiction, sex and sexuality, and discussing healthy ways in which to live a more thoughtful and emotionally honest and fulfilling life. Every week you, the listeners, have the opportunity to ask questions or weigh in on the subject. 

Psychological issues are as complex as they are misunderstood.  On one hand most of us have had issues that are emotional in nature, blind spots, and confusions; have experienced sadness or depression, anxiety or panic, peer pressure, loss and the list goes on and on.   Yet we underfund mental health programs, have morally confused notions of how to make our pain go away and judge others for their behavior.

The topics chosen for Mental Health Matters are relevant to today’s world.  Here is a sample of what you can expect in the coming months:

  • Men, masculinity and everyday emotional issues.
  • The joys and grief of adoption.
  • A new way to discuss and solve the same old couple’s arguments:  What is Imago Therapy?
  • Living and finding happiness with chronic mental illness: a discussion with those who know.    
  • Parenting Forum:  Sex and Sexuality:   How much and when to tell your kids?
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Discussion of the many dimensions.
  • Sibling rivalry in childhood and adulthood.
  • What is addiction, and to what can we become addicted?
  • Parenting Forum:  Comprehensively treating behaviorally disturbed children.
  • Let’s talk about Sex and Sexuality.
  • Parenting Forum: Helping kids find a balance with technology.
  • What does depression really look like?
  • How to seek Professional help?

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    January 12th, 2012

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