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Doug Stell joins me today. Let's rock.

Set 1

Fleetwood Mac/ Coming Your Way/ Then Play On/Reprise/ 1969

Sugarloaf/ Tongue in Cheek/ Spaceship Earth/ Liberty/ 1971

Dave Edmunds/Shot of Rhythm & Blues/Subtle as a Flying Mallet/RCA

Cheap Trick/California Man/Heaven Tonight/Epic

Set 2

Larry Raspberry & the Highsteppers/ Mellow Down/ Jukin’ & Jivin’/ Enterprise/ 1976

Randy Pie/ Back Street Boy/ Fast Forward/ Polydor/ 1977

Bubble Puppy/Hurry Sundown/A Gathering of Promises/Fuel 2000

Sutherland Bros./Arms of Mary/Reach for the Sky/CBS

Set 3

Johnny Winter/ Tired of Tryin’/ Nothin’ But the Blues/ Blue Sky/ 1977

The Kinks/ Brainwashed/ Arthur (Or the Decline & Fall of the British Empire)/ Reprise/ 1969

Grinding Stone/Grinding Stone/Phillips

Set 4

Grin/End Unkind/1+1/Spindizzy

Steve Miller Band/Junior Saw it Happen/Children of the Future/Capitol

Guess Who/Pleasin' for Reason/road food/RCA

"/A Wednesday in your Garden/Wheatfield Soul/RCA

Set 5

Hollies/Marigold Gloria Swansong/Moving Finger/Epic

John Sebastian/Darling be home Soon/You're a Big boy Now OST/kama Sutra

Roy Orbison/Crying/Crying/Monument

Frankie Miller/Hard on the Levee/The Rock/Chrysalis

Gentle Giant/Time to Kill/Capitol

Set 6

Rolling Stones/Cool, Calm & Collected/Between the Buttons/Decca

Cold Blood/No Way Home/First Taste of Sin/reprise

Mick Jagger/Memo From Turner/Performance OST/Reprise

Rugbys/You I/Amazon

Buffalo Springfield/Go and Say Goodbye/Buffalo Springfield/Atco

Set 7

Doors/Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)/Doors/Elektra


Buzzy Lawler


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    January 14th, 2012

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