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Time for Josh Turgill to read Tuesday's final Rainbow Minute…"John Waters' Claim to Fame"…

 Because film director John Waters uses hideously-lovable characters in twisted situations, he’s been called, “The Pope of Trash.” Even growing up in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1950’s, he was different from the other kids. He was fascinated by violence and gore, both in real life and on the screen. In the 60’s, he created a silent 8mm film, starring his weird counterculture friends. Waters screened his early work in rented Baltimore church halls, packing them in. By the 70’s, his short films had made it to art houses.  Then, in 1972, he hit paydirt with “Pink Flamingos,” featuring the infamous Divine in a display of ultra-bad taste. Waters commented on the film saying, “It helped make trash movies respectable.” During the summer, Waters can be spotted riding his bike in Provincetown, sporting a pencil thin mustache in honor of Little Richard. 

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    January 24th, 2012

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