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Today on The Rainbow Minute at 8.59am, 12.29pm and 4.29pm, Josh Sturgill reads "A Divine Life"

Divine, the cross-dressing heavyweight star of John Waters’ films, was cast to play the role of Uncle Otto on the new prime-time sitcom, “Married With Children.” He was set to start work on March 8, 1988, but didn’t show up. Concerned, his manager Bernard Jay went to his Los Angeles Regency Hotel suite, and found the 42-year-old actor dead in his bed. 

An autopsy found that Divine had died of complications from sleep apnea. Since Divine loved flowers, his family requested sending flowers instead of making donations to charity. Elton John and Polyester co-star Tab Hunter both sent huge arrangements.  

On May 1, 1988, when the very first episode of “Married With Children” was aired, it was dedicated to Harris Glenn Milstead, otherwise known as the fabulous and irrepressible Divine.

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    January 27th, 2012

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