Canary Oh Canary! presents:

River City LimitsCanary Oh Canary!

We have Canary Oh Canary in the studio this afternoon!


Thanks Nick for working the sound board.




Winter Song                            The Absent Center

Heavy Hands                           Shy Low

Brass Scene Kids             No BS Brass Band


Hopabout                               Rattlemouth

Days of A Quiet Sun             The Barracudas

Parallelograms                   The Trillions

Facing You                            Marionette


Milk and Honey                   Gene and Gayla Mills

Turning                                  Dead Fame

I Get Uppa                              Amazing Ghost


Dirty South                                    Canary Oh Canary

Lesson Learned


Integrity Among Men


We Can Run                                 Dead Fame

Breakfast Song                                 Kilamanjahro

Lobo Marino               "The Reincarnation EP"

Texas Cops                        Steve Barry

Afro Pik 1                         Oregon Hill Funk All Stars


Ghost World Part One      Now Sleepyhead

Cow Cow Yickee                      Scattered Smotherd Covered Chunked

Dodging Seagulls in a '89 Grand Am            A Roman Holiday


Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    February 4th, 2012

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