Neither Rain Nor Hail Nor Lack Of Sleep… presents:

Neither Rain Nor Hail Nor Lack Of Sleep…

Why Nick Cave drinking? Why not? Exactly.

… shall cause your weekly dose of aural libations to be withheld! Drinking songs from all kinds of eras tonight… Including some Nick Cave by request and some David Tibet by serendepitest. 

UPDATE: You know you want to download the podcast. The first full two hours of songs selected solely by me, at quasi-drunken-random, since February! Cuz' Live Album Month is, y'know, over. Hope you had a good March. I did. Click here to download the podcast and enjoy some awesome. No, I didn't leave a word out, there. Click here for our Facebook page, for the record. 

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Josh Sturgill


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    April 2nd, 2012

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