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Embrace                  Canary Oh Canary

Frontiers                   Dead Fame

Papyrus                      Blue Rajas


Come Clean               Nervous Ticks

Get Off                      Black Girls

Switchblade Rumble     Cha Cha's Cadillac

Salvation Army Blues       Special Ed and the Shortbus

The Ocean Drinks the Sun         Homemade Knives


Spent the Day  Drinkin'           The Smolski Brothers

Backwards Waltz                     Nick Coward and the Last Battle

Traces of Gold                     Louisianna Territory

The Dealer                           Gills and Wings

A Match Made In Heaven       Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird


Donque Donque Kjang          Donque Donque Kjang

Down Here                            Proverbial

Baja                                 Earth Tonez

One Decision                  Antero


Grayson County Blues    No Speed Limit

Two Towns Away            Stephen Christoff


Humming&Entropy              Cinemasophia 

We All Shine A Light            Cracker

Undone                               The Absent Center

The Buskateers                 Happy Lucky Combo

Matter of Minutes                  Duchess of York


Warzone                          Cashmere Jungle Lords

di Corazon                       Miramar

Whiskey Butter Sauce         Dave Watkins









Spent the Day Drinkin'    The Slowski Brothers

Albert Green


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    April 7th, 2012

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