Mellow Madness 4/22/12 presents:

Mellow MadnessMellow Madness 4/22/12

  Well, after a week off and a number of guest DJ appearances, Mike M is finally back to do a full two hour show on Mellow Madness. We think that this will be one of those shows that you won't want to miss. So many amazing new record finds to share today. R&B, Soul, Funk, Modern Soul, and more. Tune in today at 1pm!

Annie Laurie / Nobody's Gonna Hurt You / De Luxe

Little Esther / If It's News To You / Savoy

Nick Waterhouse / Some Place / Pres

Stella Johnson / Yeah Baby / K R C

Kenny Martin / My Love Is Coming Down / Federal

Ruth Brown / I Don't Know / Atlantic

Eddie Bo / Tell Me Why / Apollo

Etta James / Market Place / Modern

The Johnny Otis Show / You / Capital

Al Taylor and the / The Swivell

Jesse and Buzzy / Goin' Back To Orleans / Savoy


Edward Hamilton and his Fifes / Call Me / Jameco

Lou Lawton / I Am Searching / Capital

Beau Dollar and the Coins / Soul Serenade / Prime

Raven Wildroot & The Grandby  St Redevolpment / New Faces '69

Langston French / Tumbling Down / Tragar

Love Apple / Man On The Side / Bodie (Numero)

Johnny Dollar / Your Love Has Got Me / Fised 

Love Apple / I Guess I Always Knew / Bodie (Numero)

Dorando / Didn't I / Music City

The Sinsational Cymbols / Soulville

The Relatives / Leave Something Worthwhile /

Brother Samuel Cheatam / Troubles of the World / One Way

Sweet Pea / Bandit

Lee Shot Williams / Get Some Order / Shama

The Third World Connection / Hot Seat Pt 1 / Peasante

Les Tres Femmes / Listen To Your Mama / Phil L.A. of Soul

Naatab / Satisfied / Uptite

Cosmos Universal Band / Third Eye / Culture

Cyril Feat. Marcell Evans / PPU

Psychic Mirrors / Mystic Hustle / Cosmic Chronic

Psychic Mirrors / I Come For Your Love / Cosmic Chronic

Larry McGee Revolution / The Burg / Boogie Band Records

Ellipsis / People /




Mike Murphy


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    April 22nd, 2012

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