The Crunge, Ep. 16 - DominoWerks - May 7, 2012 presents:

The Crunge, Ep. 16 – DominoWerks – May 7, 2012

Continuing The Crunge and Frenetic Friday's Record Label Month, I've got two handmade unofficial samplers for ya: Domino records and Astralwerks records. Also, an MCA tribute. Full playlist, podcast info, music videos and more after the jump.


First things first, here's an unbelievable video from Astralwerks artists The Japanese Popstars (full screen it):


Rest in Peace, brother.



** pre-Domino Steve Mason. He signed with the label for his next solo album, Ghosts Outside (2011). Worth noting: we get the pleasure of hearing multiple Steve Mason projects this show. Mason is probably best known for 90s UK alternative endeavour The Beta Band, who're signed with Astralwerks.

Many thanks to mr. atavist for holding down the fort for the beginning of today's show with Atlantic Crossing by The Lumerians

Podcast available soon.

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    May 6th, 2012

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