Spring Cleaning: Best Done While Drinking! presents:

Spring Cleaning: Best Done While Drinking!

What a boring font.

We are gonna do some clean-up, after we play a bunch of new stuff. So best of all possible worlds, right? Drink up!

UPDATE: Kick-ass! Managed to be mostly new stuff, thanks to the bunch o' stuff from fellow WRIR DJ Tommy Atrien (be sure to check out his show on Tuesday nights, from 1AM to 3AM) of the goth-industrial persuasion, and the new Blackout Shift stuff is totally awesome as well. If you missed it, after kicking yourself, pour yourself a dozen shots and click here to download it from Radio4All. As per usual, you can check us out on Facebook by clicking here

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Josh Sturgill


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    May 7th, 2012

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